Monday, November 12, 2012

Keys to Creating Compelling Blog Post Titles

Over here at the Insights headquarters, we've been talking a lot about what makes compelling blog post titles since that's how we drive traffic to clients website from our promotional units across Here's a list of what we found (based on the data we have) makes a compelling blog post title:

1. Word choice - Use action words, relevant words, timely words and eloquent words in your blog post titles because people will be more apt to read/watch the content you've developed when the word choice is compelling. Moreover, make sure your content is relevant and timely, which would make the titles naturally the same because more people will be apt to read that kind of content.
2. Keep your title short and to the point - Use short titles that invite the reader to want to know more about what you're offering in your blog post. Don't confuse readers with long titles or over share the concept of the post because you could deter readers.
3. Use keywords, but not too many - Keep a good balance between using and overusing keywords. We know you want to rank high in search results for keywords, but overusing makes the post look like spam, so include keywords in your title, but don't overdo it.
4. Don't seem self-promotional - Readers want content they can use to better themselves or their businesses. They don't usually care about the award you won, but they do care about why you won it. So don't mention the award, mention the award-winning work and mention how it could be helpful to readers to know why you won it. Then, readers will be more likely to read and engage with your post. For example: This blog post title,"What Makes an Award-Winning Marketing Campaign" is a way to entice readers and demonstrate your expertise without mentioning your company being the actual award-winner. Mention that part in the post itself.
5. Provide value - Include in your blog post title what value you'll offer readers in your post. For example, if you're providing readers with a "how-to guide," include those words in your title. Make sure the value of your post is always included in the title to entice more readers.
6. Be original -Make your posts original and you'll have no problem creating original blog post titles. Originality and creativity in blog posts and blog post titles results in more loyal readers. You don't want to be just another blogger talking about the same thing as everyone else. Be creative and the loyal followers will come!

Have any tips to add? Please share with us in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks for the tips! This is actually very effective in promoting your topic. Keeping your title original and interesting will always encourage people to read your blog. Just like in advertising, there are certain factors that will keep the audience's eyes attached to your material. That's how you promote successfully. Thank you for posting!

    - Samantha Mathy

  2. I can't thank you enough for this! As a web designer, I'm also applying these to designing: I suggest proper titles to my client and they liked my ideas because "they're catchy." By the way, I've read your other blog entries too. They're full of useful information. Thank you!
    | Justin LR |