Friday, November 16, 2012

Understanding the Native Advertising Trend

In the past week, Insights has received a lot of attention from publications like Advertising Age to well-known digital marketing bloggers because of its recent launch and new approach to a concept called native advertising. Here's a look at the native advertising trend Insights is breaking into.

Native advertising is somewhat of a buzz word right now because it's a new trend that news sites and publishers are exploring. So what is it? Native advertising is a form of advertising that's built into the visual design of a site, so that the ads appear to be a part of the content. In an age where people are inundated with ads on a daily basis, native advertising provides a way for advertisers to cut through the clutter."The idea is that the same readers who regularly and easily ignore banner ads may actually appreciate sponsored content that resembles a website's editorial approach," writes Nat Ives, the author of the AdAge article, " Joins Native Advertising Push with Sponsored Posts."

Insights allows for advertisers to contribute their content to and show up in promotional units across that appear to be a part of the editorial content as well as on their very own business information pages. However, we still want to be transparent to the loyal readers, so we added a banner with the words, "special advertiser feature" above the promotional unit content as well as on the business information pages.

If you're interested in joining the native advertising program we've developed, contact us today at [email protected]!

*Offer valid through 12/15/12


  1. Thank you! As a copywriter of an advertising company, I must say, Insights explores a concept that could be 100% effective in advertising. Since users ignore banner ads, you'll import the ads into the article instead. Our writing style may need to change, but I'm sure it's for the better because this trend will succeed in promoting the product/service.

    - Tyrone Inks

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