Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why you Should Have a RSS Feed for your Blog

Why should you have a RSS feed for your blog? Having a RSS feed for your blog is one of the easiest ways to go about creating and engaging in digital conversations. A RSS feed allows for easy sharing of your content to anyone who is interested in the content you regularly provide. Curated content marketers rely on RSS feeds more than other ways of collecting content, like via email or Twitter. It's also free to set up a RSS feed and who doesn't love something that's free?

Once you've set up your RSS feed, it's important to add a RSS feed icon to your blog and website because people know to click on that to start receiving your content regularly. You want people to be able to take advantage of your RSS offering quickly, so you don't lose out on readers and potential customers.

Take advantage of the simplicity of this syndication method! Set up a RSS feed for your blog today. Do you have a Blogger account? Here are a couple of useful links to help you set up a RSS feed for your blog today!

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