Monday, December 24, 2012

Content Marketing in 2013

In keeping with our mini blog theme of looking ahead to next year, here's what we're predicting we'll see for content marketing in 2013.

1. In 2013, when it comes to content marketing, we're expecting companies to decrease spending for outsourcing content. In speaking with our current clients, we're expecting a lot of companies to deliver on their content marketing strategies, by using resources available in-house. Many of our clients are looking to their own experts within their companies to write blog posts and share their ideas on social media channels. It's much less expensive and leaders are recognizing that the people who work at their companies are the experts in their particular lines of work. It makes sense for leaders across all industries to look internally for content creation.

2. Content marketing, much like it's been in 2012, will be all about engagement in 2013. Content marketers will create content, including blog posts, white papers, videos, articles, social media updates and much more, designed to engage readers. People who are creating content will give readers expert advice and ideas in hopes that the return will be new business. In 2013, leaders and content creators alike will strive to give recommendations and advise on best practices to position themselves as the experts in their industries, which will drive engagement, and ultimately, sales.

3. In 2013, social media will be a big part of content marketing strategies as it has been in the past. The difference in 2013, will be that content marketing via social media will mature a bit. We think that content marketers will use social media to reach a very targeted audience through the use of customized tweets and statuses, inclusion of hashtags and relevent keywords. Additionally, content marketers will use social media to push out other content to a broader, more likely to engage audience. We believe content marketers will push out blog posts, white papers, links to videos and more on social media sites in 2013, but do so in a targeted way that is designed to give advice and ideas to an audience most likely to engage with the content.

In 2013, it will be all about engagement to make sales and drive customer acquisition. Enjoy the holidays and check in with us at the start of 2013! We'd love to hear about your early 2013 content marketing strategies.

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