Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quick Tips: How to Boost Holiday Sales Using your Blog

We've been talking to and hearing about a lot of companies who want to boost product sales during the holiday season. We've seen several companies with great tactics both online and offline to do just that. Many companies are offering sales in-store or free shipping online. The Insights team wants to share some quick tips on how to boost holiday sales using your blog...and year round too!

1. Offer promotional codes or special offers exclusively through your blog: You can certainly boost holiday sales, by offering promo codes or exclusive offers through your blog posts. This is a tactic done over and over again, but there are more benefits as well! You can truly measure the effectiveness of your blog through these types of offers. You'll be able to directly track how many people are engaging with your blog content, by looking at how many people used your special blog offer or promo code. Also by doing this, you'll gain more readers and traffic to your blog in the future because people will be looking for these special discounts.

2. Offer exclusive product details, insight and reviews through your blog: For those products you're selling that are hot this holiday season, but that people might not know too much about, you can offer product details and reviews. People trust other people's reviews, so include not only your own personal reviews, but also those of people who have bought the product. Include details in these posts that aren't readily available on your competitor's sites. A blog, as you probably already know, is an amazing way to connect with readers on a different level. Offering advice and reviews through your blog is a way to gain trusted followers and customers during this busy holiday season.


*Offer valid through 12/15/12

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