Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tips for Blogging Around the Holidays

We know it's difficult to stay on track with your blogging and marketing efforts during the holiday season especially the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Here are some tips for blogging around the holidays, including possible blog topics and other ways to stick to your blogging plan for the remainder of 2012.

1. Write about what you or your company is doing during the holiday season - Is your team volunteering to help those in need? Are you taking a trip to a new place? Are you having a great staff party to celebrate the success of 2012? Blog about what you're doing! People love to hear about what companies are doing around the holidays especially when they're volunteering their time to help others. Post pictures and include highlights from any and all events you participate in during the holiday season. It's an easy and great way to show the human side of your brand.

2. Create a mini blog calendar for the next few weeks - You work hard throughout the entire year to maintain your marketing and blogging efforts, so don't fall behind these next few weeks! Create a mini blog calendar and a marketing calendar (include social media, if that's part of your strategy) for the next couple of weeks, so you can stay on track and continue to create content. 2012 'ain't over yet,' so make the next couple weeks count!

3. Create a blog post that recaps 2012 - Did you have a successful 2012? Was there a special event that took place during the year? Did you help a client succeed? Write about all of the great successes, learning experiences, events, media coverage, etc that you're especially proud of from the 2012 year. Readers of your blog and clients love to hear about and see what happened to your company over the course of the year, so include details and pictures. It's an easy blog topic too because all of the content you need to write already happened!

4. Look forward to 2013 and write about your goals - What do you want to accomplish in 2013? Who do you want to meet with? What awards are you going after? Write about all of your goals and share them with your readers. It's another great way to humanize your brand and it will help you stay on track with your goals for the upcoming year.

Have any other tips to add for bloggers reading this post? We'd love to hear them! Add them in the comments below.

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