Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Are you Smartphone Ready?

 Blog post written by: Kristin Chou

172 million people in the United States alone own mobile devices. Of those devices, 48% are Smartphones. It is clear that the importance of mobile consumer behavior simply cannot be ignored. Having the capabilities to build strong relationships with potential customers via mobile devices will be highly advantageous in this coming age.    

Have you designed a new layout for how content would appear on both tablets and Smartphones yet?

Why do it?
         1.    Low cost
         2.    Easy to implement
         3.    Profitable
         4.    Enormous potential audience

Here are some quick tips to get started:

1.    Smartphone Applications
          -    Know your target audience
          -    Have a strong objective
          -    Know your competition
          -    Use a simple and clean design
          -    Include ways to monetize/market brand?
          -    Include promotions/advertisements?
          -    Allow for and consider feedback

2.    QR Codes
          -    Strong purpose (What does it add to the user’s experience?)
          -    Do not link to a desktop site (mobile optimized)
          -    Strategic placement
          -    Size (Minimum size = one inch square)
          -    Use URL shortener
          -    Test product

3.    Mobile Friendly Website 
         -    Display key information
         -    Less than 3 second page load
         -    Keep content LIGHT (Avoid flash animation)
         -    Consistent branding across traditional and mobile sites
         -    Avoid popups
         -    Include sufficient white space
         -    Usability (Full text display? Links and buttons large enough? Phone number and location data
               immediately visible?)
         -    Access to full site
         -    Solicit feedback
         -    Test site

4.    In-App Ads
        -    Focus on ‘user experience’ (flows naturally)
        -    Easy Response (Clear call-to-action; minimal effort for user – Less is more)
        -    Mobile Sales Strategy (Look for points of conversion, loyalty/repeat buying, and social influence)

5.    WordPress sites
       -    Use WP touch (basic way for your blog to become mobile-optimized)

6.    Insights
       -    Insights helps drive traffic to your own personal blog. Not only does it allow you to have a mobile optimized page with all of your important business information that someone on the go can easily access, but also it optimizes your blog for easy reading across mobile devices.

Capture the world’s attention by making your content even more accessible.

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