Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Stay on Track with your 2013 Blogging Goals

As you're writing your 2013 blogging goals, make sure you have a plan of action in place to stay on track to tackle those goals. Here are a couple tips we're using to make sure we tackle the goals we have for 2013.

1. Create a blog calendar - We're striving to blog twice per week this year. Of course sometimes we will have busier weeks or vacations, and others we'll have more free time to write, but for the most part we will be writing two blog posts per week. We've set up a calendar for our blog that indicates which days we want to blog each week. On this calendar we also indicate whether they're something relevant we want to blog about during a certain time period (for example, I'd like to blog about marketing during the time leading up to the Super Bowl at the beginning of February). Blog calendars truly help to keep businesses on track to deliver blog posts on time, so we suggest that our readers set one up, adjust as needed and stick to it, so you can deliver on your blogging goals throughout the year. 

2. Brainstrom blog post titles in advance - We've found that brainstorming titles of blog posts in advance of writing helps to give our blog posts direction and helps us to write more efficiently during our blogging time. If you think of something in advance, make sure to write it down on your calendar or somewhere you'll remember to check. With the Super Bowl example, it came to me (Cristina) over the weekend, so I added it into a note I created on my iPhone. Now I know one of the blog posts and the general points I want to make in it during the week of January 21st. It's important to think in advance about possible blog post titles and topics because blogging is tough to do when you sit down at your desk without any ideas in your head. It also helps to keep your blog more relevant to your target audience when you have solid ideas to write about.

Let us know how you plan to stay on track to accomplish your goals this year!

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  1. One of the simplest advice you can have in a daily basis of blogging. Always take heed of these types of comments from fellow bloggers for you to grow as one too.