Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marketing Lessons from Super Bowl Ads

If you live in New England like us, the Super Bowl might be a touchy subject this week. We're optimists here on the Insights team though, so let's look for the good in the Super Bowl, by reviewing some of the key marketing lessons from Super Bowl ads that we can use in our every day marketing. 

1. Stand out, by being unique, relatable and fun- For some people, Super Bowl ads are the only ads they want to actually see this year. For still others, the ads are the only reason people watch the Super Bowl. For marketers, what Super Bowl (unless the Pats are in it, right?)? We're all about the brands taking part in the Brand Bowl (#brandbowl), so let's talk about why. The reason that people want to see Super Bowl ads over others throughout the year is because brands make their ads stand out during the big game, by delivering unique, original content that is relatable to the audience. Often times, brands will rely on timely and humorous content to connect with an audience. The stakes are high (and so is the price), so brands really bring the heat in their Super Bowl ads to attract more attention and capitalize on the huge audience watching the game. We smaller scale marketers can adopt this simple idea throughout the year in all of our marketing efforts from blogging and social media to online and print ads. Make sure you always stand out from your competition, by knowing to what your audience will connect and relate best. Have some fun with your marketing because it will help humanize your brand and customers will remember your brand. Take cues from the brands advertising during the Super Bowl and you'll be on your way to accomplishing your goals.

2. Remember your goals - Only standing out, by delivering original content won't help you to generate new leads or customers unless you remember the goals you want to deliver on and act on those. Make sure all of your marketing is in line with the goals you've set. You want to make sure you deliver on your goals, by using the right outlets for sending your message, so decide where and why you want to advertise through a specific outlet. You also want to make sure that you're delivering your message in an effective way. You want people to make easily the connections between your product and the context it appears in. Make sure there is a clear connection between both, so that you make the most out of your advertising and accomplish your goals.

3. Measure results - Always measure your results, so you can continuously improve your marketing. A flashy ad, a unique piece of content or a brand new mobile marketing strategy won't mean anything unless you deliver on your goals. Measure your results for all aspects of your marketing plan, so you can improve on your efforts and attract new customers in the following weeks, months, or next Super Bowl!

Do you have any Super Bowl ad observations to share? Add them in the comments!

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  1. It is very important to know and understand strategies about doing the right marketing plan. Good marketing strategies will really help your business to grow.

    -Hugh Parizeau

  2. There are so many ways now on how to improve one's business. All we have to do is to read and to listen with what the experts are telling us.

    -Derrick Patterson

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  4. Every business needs to stand out with their marketing strategies. They should be at the most creative they can be, and make sure they're unique. Thanks for the brief lessons.

    - Hunter Conder