Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our 2013 Blogging Resolutions 2013!

Happy New Year! The Insights team is excited about the beginning of a new year and our 2013 blogging resolutions. Here's what we're striving to accomplish when it comes to blogging this year.

1. Most importantly, we want to continue to provide value to our readers - In 2013, we want to continue to provide real value to our readers. We will strive to be the experts on blogging, social media and marketing, and continue to blog regularly about all three areas. Additionally, we want to hear what you the readers want to learn more about, so be sure to reach out with questions and/or suggestions. We can always be reached at [email protected].

2. We resolve to promote our blog posts  - This year, the Insights team will strive not only to promote our blog posts across the Insights social media accounts, but also from our personal accounts to reach a larger, interested audience. Additionally, next week, we'll be launching a new email marketing campaign that will help us promote our blog posts to a new target audience. Throughout the year, we'll be thinking of new creative ways to promote our blog posts to gain a greater readership and increase engagement.

3. Lastly, we will strive to generate more engagement through our blog posts - Through the creation of original and valuable content as well as photos and videos, we will generate more engagement with our readers. We want readers to comment on our posts, share their opinions and tell us what else they want to learn about. We will strive to generate questions from readers and provide answers to help businesses better their blogs and marketing efforts.

Here's to a productive and ever-improving blog in 2013!

*Offer expires 1/15/13

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