Friday, February 1, 2013

#BrandBowl on A Social Showdown Between Super Bowl Ads

Since I know most of you love social media, advertisements and maybe even the Super Bowl, I wanted to tell you about Brand Bowl on! For the past four years, has hosted #BrandBowl, which is a social/digital experience that measures sentiment of the commercials aired during the big game.

Here's a little bit more about Brand Bowl from the site:

"Brand Bowl was built to gauge public reaction to the brands advertising during the Super Bowl. By monitoring Twitter, we can measure people's opinions and rank the brands accordingly. The brand with the top 'Brand Bowl score' on Sunday night will be the winner of Brand Bowl 2012, and is allowed to date the head cheerleader."

Here are the results from Brand Bowl 2012. Do you agree with the general consensus on the Go Daddy commercials? Are you surprised by the winner?

"Those crazy tortilla chips have done it again! Doritos is now a dynasty in the Brand Bowl, winning for the second time in three years with their 'Crash The Super Bowl' spots. Meanwhile, M&M's garnered the most positive sentiment with their sexy-dancing candy. Yowza. You can melt in our mouths anytime, pal. Finally, piling up the most negative sentiment was Go Daddy. The people agree: 'Go Daddy Go Away.'"

During this Sunday's game, encourages people to tweet about the commercials good or bad, so be sure to join in the discussion, by tweeting using the hashtag BrandBowl. It's a great way to show your advertising and creative expertise, which will help you to gain quality followers and generate exposure for yourself, and/or your business.

Follow the conversation at to see what brands are winning and losing, who's tweeting about what, and what the team has to say in the live blog as well. 

What brand do you expect to win Brand Bowl 2013? Tell us in the comments below!

*Offer expires 2/14/13

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