Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to: Create Strategic Partnerships in the Blogosphere

We live in an exciting time. Bloggers have let go of the ‘I work alone’ mentality, and have cleverly formed strategic partnerships to join networks to grow their business or message. For bloggers who wish to gain more and maintain loyal readers, here are two ways to do so! Creating a blog and gaining an audience can be a tricky task; therefore, being able to build relationships as a blogger is the key to increased traffic. Here's how to create strategic partnerships in the blogosphere.


Attaining loyal followers will grow your blog. In some ways, they will end up doing more for your blog than you will because they will share, comment, and like actively, which will give your blog the coveted third-party endorsement. Building relationships with other bloggers grants you the potential to access their communities, which will help increase traffic. If they like your content, then they will recommend your community to their community allowing for countless opportunities to expand your network.

How do you reach out to other blogs? – The best way to build these relationships is by:
- Commenting on blogs, but make it less business and more personal talk because if they like what you have to say, then they will click through to your blog and hopefully join your community
- Offer to guest post on another blog OR invite blogger to create guest content on your own site. It is best to keep in mind of the blog’s focus and less about the community, then at the end of the post you can leave with a short background of yourself and what you do with a link back
      • Confronted with a relevant audience 
      • Establish credibility for your content
      • Increase traffic
      • Attract readers
      • Potential for new clients/sales 
      • Opportunity for MORE guest posting & partnerships/joint ventures  
- Reaching out to bloggers by mail, can become challenging, so avoid form letters, spam, sales pitches, campaigns and connect to them about how you feel they are a good fit for your community!
- Relevancy of your community and the blogger’s community is essential
- Invite bloggers to share and connect about their experiences in an interview
- Create top 10 or 20 or 50 blogs list to release to your community

The focus here is to connect, but this second point is equally as important as the first— having great content.


You have probably heard this all, but having content that is not only appropriate to your audience, but distinctive from all other blogs will allow you to attract more readers and expand your blogging network. By delivering unique podcasts, or videos that are beneficial for your viewers will exponentially drive traffic to your blog.

Here are a few ways to improve content:
- More & frequent posts
- Great content! Create unique titles; intriguing tone of voice; well-organized
- Enhanced content! Use images, links to related posts and other blogs
- Switch it up! Play with the length of your posts, include videos, podcasts, web T.V. shows or info  graphics

There are many examples out there such as the sites like Go Mighty, IFB, or Chictopia have come to realize the strength of coming together and sharing a common idea and goal. Bringing many voices together creates power and a deeper message to share with the world.

Please comment below if you have any other ideas to help gain further partnership in the blogosphere!

Written by: Kristin Chou

*Offer expires 2/28/13

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