Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Incorporate Keywords for SEO into your Blog Posts

A lot of businesses use their blogs to rank high in organic search results. Blogs are a useful tool for ranking organically in search for the keywords your audience is searching on, but some businesses aren't sure on best practices. We all know you should have a keyword strategy, but it shouldn't overpower the content you're offering on your blog. Strong content is what will make readers trust you and eventually turn into customers, but search will help those potential readers find you. You need a good balance between strong content and keyword use. Here's how to incorporate keywords for SEO into your blog posts:

1. Do your research - Using Google Keyword Tool, research the keywords you believe your audience is searching on. Take a look at the search volume for those keywords as well as the suggested keywords. Also take note of the competition for the keywords you typed in and the suggested keywords. Decide which keywords make sense for you to go after based on the search volume and competition level, and begin crafting blog post titles based on those keywords. You'll want to include the keywords in your blog post title, URL and in the body of your blog post, so think about that as well when you're crafting your keyword strategy.

2. Make sense and remain enticing with your titles - Make sure your blog post titles makes sense when you include keywords. If you're just throwing keywords into your title without looking at the title as a whole, you're going to lose readers and long term interest. Internet readers recognize an SEO play within a title and will know that a blog post isn't going to offer them any real value when they see it. Fit your keywords into your title naturally and remain enticing with your titles because effective titles will help you attract and retain readers on your blog. A strong title that includes keywords will bring in qualified leads. For more on creating enticing blog post titles, read this post.

3. Organically incorporate keywords within your posts - Once you've drawn your reader in via your creative headline, incorporate your keywords organically throughout your posts. Don't throw keywords in where they don't belong because you will lose readers and trust from potential customers. Maintain a balance between keyword inclusion and quality content within your posts to attract and retain qualified leads. Also, review your work to check if your keywords and the quality content you've created work together to tell your point, and accomplish your goal of ranking higher for search. Always measure your success and adjust your strategies as needed.

Have any SEO tips to add? Please share them in the comments below!

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