Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Use Offers and Promotions to Increase Sales

While we have many ideas as to how to increase sales that I've already written about, here's an idea we've been using for a couple of months that I haven't yet touched on on the blog. If you're a regular reader, you've probable seen my call to action button encouraging new customers to sign on with us, by taking advantage of a special two weeks free promotion of our services. Here's how to use offers and promotions to increase sales from your existing audience and potential audience.

1. Specials for new customers - To attract new customers, offer specials specific to them. Offer a 10% discount for first time buyers or free week-long trials. This works for retailers and for businesses selling services as well. If you offer an incentive, you're more likely to attract and close quality sales.

2. Specials for existing customers - Always remember to take good care of your existing customers and they'll take care of you! Meaning, if you give them something special every so often to thank them for their patronage, they'll keep coming back for more. You'll be their go-to for products and services they want and need. If you're selling services, maybe you can't consistently offer services for free, but you can offer expert advice as needed. Your customers will appreciate these gestures, which will help to consistently retain and increase sales.

3. Monthly promotions - If you have the resources, consider offering a different promotion each month. This will attract different types of quality buyers and clients each month. You'll consistently meet with interested buyers and increase your sales.

4. Membership perks - If you have the ability to do so, or already have a membership program for your business, consider offering special promotions specifically to that audience on a regular basis. Use the membership like a loyalty program to offer promotions that are designed to retain members.

Do you have any other ways to incorporate offers and promotions into your sales strategy? Include them in the comments below!

*Offer expires March 31, 2013

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