Friday, March 1, 2013

A Social Media Checklist to Improve Brand Awareness and Trust

Social media is a powerful tool in generating brand awareness and building trust for both small businesses and large, global companies. Whether you're a pro with social media, or just dabbling here and there, this social media checklist to improve brand awareness and trust can help you close sales and improve customer retention!

Are you...
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to answer customer questions honestly and promptly?
  • Taking advantage of relevant and timely hashtags to offer your business's products and services?
  • Linking your blog to your social media outlets to maximize blog exposure?
  • Utilizing social video sites when appropriate?
  • Pushing out your content, including white papers, case studies, informational videos and more through your social channels?
  • Monitoring your social media analytics to determine what content is being shared or engaged with most often?
  • Allowing different experts within your business to post frequently to share their expertise, and offer help to followers and customers?
  • Engaging with customers and potential customers who are talking about keywords related to your business offerings?
  • Monitoring what competitors are saying and offering on social media?
  • Offering special promotions to followers?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are doing a fantastic job using social media to improve brand awareness and trust among your existing and potential customers! If you answered yes to a few, you're still doing a great job. Please let us know if you have success when you implement the practices you answered no to; we'd love to hear how they're helping you!

Have anything to add to our checklist? Please add it in the comments below!

*Offer ends 3/31/13


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