Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Stand Out at an Event

Insights and are hosting the Blog Better Boston: Style Summit on April 27th. Insights will have a booth at the event and we're in the planning phases of deciding what our booth layout will look like, what colors our signs will be and what, maybe most importantly, we will provide as takeaways to the bloggers who visit our booth. In this planning phase, we've been talking a lot about what will make our booth and product memorable to the bloggers who visit us, so I decided to blog about the things we're keeping in mind as we plan. Here's how to stand out at an event:

1. Know your audience: It always comes back to this. Your event planning should focus around your audience because that's the most effective way to engage the attendees, and have them pay attention to what you're saying about your product and/or service. In this case, we know our audience will be mostly made up of female fashion bloggers. We've designed our booth layout and signage, and created takeaways around the audience in attendance. I'm not going to give away all of the specifics about our plans and giveaways, but let me say that all of the above are focused on what this type of audience will relate to, respond to, engage with and most importantly make them remember us in the future. Our goal is to resonate with the audience, so they know and remember that we can help them better their blogs, by using Insights.

The next time you have a booth, or are presenting at an event, remember your audience before you start planning what you'll say, give or how you'll act. You want to connect with your audience on their level, so they'll be more likely to engage and ultimately turn into customers.

2. Make sure your giveaway/takeaway is relevant to your product: So, of course, the audience is the most important element to remember when planning your presence at an event, but you also want to make sure you keep whatever it is your selling top of mind as well. You want your audience to relate and engage with your speech, booth, giveaway, etc., but whatever you may be offering must tie into your product or service. If the audience cannot make the connection between what you're offering, and your product or service, they'll likely forget about your business and you'll lose potential customers. Make clear the connection between what you're offering at a specific event to your business's products or services. and you'll more likely to be remembered by your audience after they leave the event. This is important because often times the sales cycle doesn't start and end in a two hour window at an event. You want audience members to be able to look at your giveaway or takeaway and remember after they've left the event that you can help them with their business issues.

3. Be armed with a good story: Keeping both of the above in mind, remember to be armed with a good story about your products or services that will show/tell how your products or services can help the audience in attendance. Bring relevant case studies, success stories, tips and tricks that will help your audience accomplish their goals and position your business as the answer to their problems. Remember whatever you bring along to tell your story should be relatable by your audience and speak to the success of your products and/or services.

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