Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marketing Tips for Creating Buzz in 2013

Written by: Kristin Chou

Ever since the Internet emerged, businesses and brands have been trying to utilize this wondrous tool to make their messages ‘viral.' We have some ideas for how to pick a medium for your marketing plan, quick side-note advice, and some powerful statements to keep in mind while pursuing this arena. Here are some marketing tips for creating buzz in 2013:

Viral Promotions = marketing techniques that use current social networks and other technologies to create increased brand awareness to achieve objectives.

Social Media and Internet Analyst, Brad Hines, said:
“Going viral is like a calculus function mixed with the element of randomness. You need a very specific combo of things, and then luck thrown in. I say calculus, because sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't.”

How to create BUZZ:
1.    Video clips. Studies have shown that internet marketing videos have increased sales by approximately 30%. It is very efficient in gaining further exposure for your produce/service. Even if you have not dipped your feet in this pool before, it is worth your time and effort. People enjoy watching videos that is why YouTube ranks No. 3 in most visitors per month. Tracking codes will allow you to monitor your video. 
2.    Advergames. Mobile games are becoming a huge business. Game developers are discovering that advertising in the mobile game industry is extremely profitable. Although it is still price sensitive, reducing the price will create a higher demand for it.
3.    Ebooks. You are no longer limited by shelf space and launch windows. Position your ebook that provides value and desire for your product/service. 70% of your revenue will come from back-end sales after a customer purchases an ebook.
4.    Brandable Software. Introduce new ideas to create applications that can be introduced to the world. Take advantage of these resources to create your ideal brand to generate web traffic and increased name recognition.
5.    Images. Using high-quality, high-resolution, social media platform, and appropriate text, can launch your image to potentially become viral. Creating infographics are one of the most powerful ways to have popular content.
6.    Text Messages. Always include a “share with a friend” prompt; send VIP offers; Offer incentives for sharing your SMS marketing messages; Let your customers give mobile “gifts”; identify your influencers; integrate social media. SMS Marketing and viral push calls for low investment for a high impact.
7.    Email Messages. Highlight your ‘friend to forward’ links; provide substantial value; make sure it is easy to subscribe.
8.    Web Pages. Social bookmarking; social networking; forum participation; blogging; linking generously; advertising; email marketing; press releases; video; conferences; feature RSS feeds. 

Larry Weintraub, CEO of Fanscape stated:
“What works today or in 3 months may not work next year. There is never a guarantee to going viral, only ways to improve your odds.”

Information becomes outdated instantly in this day in age. That is why keeping up with the trends with social media will help keep your brand in check and always relevant. Also a few words of wisdom, never neglect your audience, overdo it or be exclusive with your content. If you keep these three things in mind, while exercising some of the methods of marketing your brand or business, you could potentially become viral one day. Executing a marketing campaign using some of the tactics below could really boost awareness for your business. 

BUZZ Tactics
1.    Content must be COMPELLING. Find out what drives your target audience and triggers emotions.
2.    Simple sharing. Include buttons with recognizable icons near your content.
3.    Franchise on Facebook. This social network drives enormous traffic.
4.    Practice Pintrest. Include Pinterest button on Infographics because it has grown to be the 12th largest traffic referring site.
5.    Mobile Optimized? Become mobile friendly now because 1 in 5 visitors are using a mobile device, of which half are iPhones.
6.    Control Traffic. Content delivery networks, such as CloudFlare help keep up with popular content.
7.    Simple is not Dumb. The more accessible the more relatable your content is.
8.    Drop big names. Helps engage associated audiences and provides celebrities another segment to promote themselves. 
9.    Embed Code for bloggers. That way your content can be quickly posted on their site. Inform your customers and subscribers of this new data and to encourage them to share!
10.    Celebrity Tweet endorsement. Key for Youtube video marketing.
11.    Time Sensitive. Give users a narrow time frame to actively share your content.
12.    Get assistance. Pay to run your content on high profile sites to increase awareness and views for the piece to become organic.

Baltimore-based digital marketing firm EndlessLeadz.com stated:
“The year 2012 was characterized by many marketing professionals as the year of content marketing…challeng[ing] businesses and brands to view each ad as a piece of content is an important mindset to adopt as we head into this New Year.”

A few final thoughts to keep in mind while developing your marketing plan, is your content ____?
1.    Targeted
2.    Focused
3.    Measurable
4.    Compelling
5.    Simple
6.    Appropriate
7.    Memorable
8.    Profitable

If your plan checks all eight of these key points, then you are off to fantastic start. People will discover the power and value of social media campaigns. Start taking advantage of the resources laid out before you and create that buzz about your brand!


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