Friday, April 5, 2013

Content Marketing: Make your Company's Message Clear

We all know how important is to send a clear message as to what our business's products and services do to help a target audience fulfill a specific need or want. We often are found communicating at networking events, on Twitter, through email marketing, etc., but are our messages clear? Although we preach about keeping the content you create filled with quality text, it's equally as important to make your company's message clear.

Whether you're about to send a tweet, post to Facebook, write a blog post, or publish a lengthy white paper, take a few minutes to analyze the content to see if your business's message is clear. If your message is clear in the content your produce, you're going to accomplish the goals you've laid out for your business, you're going to attract the audience you want, and you're going to gain new customers.

Your message doesn't need to be blatantly clear through your content, but it should always be present. For example, the Insights stripped down message is "we can help you promote your blog to a targeted, established audience of readers on," but I've never actually written those words out in a blog post. Instead, I use Twitter, Facebook and this blog to send the message that the Insights team understands clearly best practices in marketing, blogging, promotion, networking, social media and more, and that businesses can trust us for advice on their marketing efforts for their blog and business, in general. Often times I quote research, marketing trends and content to show that we are in the know of all of the latest trends in marketing, and that we can be trusted to know the best methods for our clients and potential clients.

Through your content, you can position yourself as the expert and leader in your field without coming out and saying it directly. As you create more compelling, quality content, readers will recognize that your business can be trusted in the field your business falls in and that will help you gain more clients. So next time you are planning to publish a new piece of content, make sure your message is clear. Always keep in mind that anything you produce should come back to your goals and what your company's messaging is, and how your content communicates that.

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