Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips for Improving your Products or Services

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Our team has been talking about how we can improve our product and service for our clients, so we can retain and gain new customers. A lot of ideas have been thrown out in brainstorming sessions and email exchanges, and we're basing our decisions on a variety of different factors. Below are some tips we've been following that we think will help other businesses decide how to improve their products or services.

1. Look at the data - Data don't lie. Look at what's working from a services, or products standpoint. What are your clients buying and are they coming back for more? Are the majority of your clients participating in one particular program, or buying one particular product you offer? If so, consider enhancing that service package, or product. On the other hand, if you haven't sold many of one of your products, or services, perhaps it's time to stop investing in that area, so you can focus on bettering your other offerings. Analyze your data to improve your products or services, which will help to retain and gain clients.

2. Talk to your clients - Your clients won't lie either. Schedule some time with your clients to discuss what they believe is working best for them from a services standpoint. What are they hoping for in the next round of upgrades or enhancements? What do they need from you to better their businesses? What will it take for them to stay on board with your services? If your business offers products, or goods, talk to the customers who walk through your doors occasionally, regularly, or even for the first time. Find out what brings them in the door for the first time, or multiple times. When you've gathered this knowledge, you can decide which products to focus on improving.

3. Look at what your competitors are doing - Stay in the know of what your competitors are offering. Are they new and innovative service offerings, or products? Do they outshine what you have? Have they enhanced the products or services you both offer at your businesses? Consider all of these things when you evaluate your competition, but also consider what has worked for you in the past versus what's worked for them. Know what your competitors are doing and what it means for your business's growth, but know better what your data shows and what your customers are interested in before you make any major changes.

Have any tips to add? Share them in the comments!

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