Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Using Social Media to Keep in Touch with Prospects

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting a booth at a blogger event here at Boston.com. We met many interesting independent fashion bloggers as well as women and men who blog on behalf of larger organizations. As is common at many events, we didn't have the chance to grab each attendees business card, but we do have a list of Twitter handles because the majority of attendees used a hashtag to keep track of event happenings and to share learnings. We'll be able to use social media to keep in touch with prospects since we do have access to their Twitter handles. Here are a few ways to keep in touch, stay at the forefront of prospective clients minds and show off your expertise:

1. Introduce yourself - Make sure your prospects know your name, your business and what they can expect to get from you as either a follower, or a follow-ee. Develop an initial relationship, by providing your basic information and an overview of what you provide on social media. Be sure to also ask about them - find out what they're interested in, their function within work settings, etc., so you can better communicate moving forward.

2. Provide feedback, comments and answers - If you're following prospective clients on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn, be an active follower, so they'll notice you! Provide noteworthy feedback, smart comments and intelligent answers to any questions posed. Demonstrate your expertise on matters related to you or your business, by providing thought leadership to your prospective clients on social media.

3. Understand their needs and offer your services -Spend time listening and understanding the posts your prospective clients send. See what their needs are and if they can be met by the services your business provides. Often express your knowledge through comments and such, and when you feel you've positioned yourself as an expert in their eyes, offer your insight into how you can help!

Have any more tips to add? Please share them in the comments below!

*Offer expires 5/15/13


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