Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Important Tips to Remember when Blogging

Do you hear many blogging best practices and feel as though you're expected to remember several details each time you post? We know...we're bloggers's hard. But, we've got your covered! Here are five important tips to remember when blogging. These are the essentials to creating quality blog posts for your target audiences.

1. Humanize your posts - Remember you're a human and your readers are humans when you sit down to write a blog post. Keep a consistent personal tone throughout your posts to interact with your readers in a relatable manner. Your goal is to engage potential customers and the way to do this is by conveying you and your company are people, and want to help.
Here are a couple of tips to remaining "human:" Try not to use too much industry jargon. Identify with your readers' problems and convey how your company can help in a strategic, non-abrasive way.

2. Create engaging, quality content - Related to tip number one, don't be too salesy in your content. A successful content strategy will lead to more sales overtime, but being too direct with a sales pitch in your posts will have a negative effect on your readership and conversion rate from blog readers to customers. Existing and potential clients want to read content that will help them with their problems, or want to learn more about a particular concept. They don't want to read a post about why they should buy your services. They'll know that they need to as they read more of your content and recognize you as the industry leader. Creating engaging content will help you to establish relationships with prospective clients and help you to retain existing customers.

3. Remember your keyword strategy - SEO is essential to potential clients finding your blog, so always remember to include keywords in your titles and throughout your posts. But do not let your keyword strategy take over your content. Keep a balance between your quality content and your keyword strategy. Read more about how to incorporate effectively keywords for SEO into your blog posts here.

4. Be social - Add share buttons to all of your posts for easy sharing, by your readers. Study show that share tools significantly increase blog exposure and blog posts are more likely to go viral. Additionally, make sure to post all of your blog posts to your social network sites. Being social, by sharing quality content and encouraging interaction on your blog will lead to more quality leads reading your blog.

5. Analyze your content to determine what works best for your marketing strategy and goals. Determine what your audience is best engaging with. What types of content do they like to read as indicated by number of pageviews and/or visits? Experiment with video and images to see if those posts are more popular than typical text-based posts. Adjust your strategy accordingly based on your analysis.

Do you have any more blogging tips to add? We'd love to read them in the comments below. 

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