Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tips for Using LinkedIn Company Pages for Marketing

Over the past few weeks, I've been helping out with sales prospecting for Insights. I've used LinkedIn's companies search tool to find companies of particular sizes, industries and locations to help the salesperson on the Insights team find businesses that blog that would benefit from our services. During my search on LinkedIn, I've come across many LinkedIn company pages. Unfortunately, since Insights is a product of Boston.com and therefore we don't have our own domain name, we cannot have our own branded company page on LinkedIn, but I do think I've gained some wisdom into what makes a strong company page on LinkedIn. I've seen many companies who use their pages for marketing very well and I figured I'd share some tips.

  •  Add your logo and a powerful tagline that captures your company's message. For example, Boston.com's reads, "We're all things Boston. Every month, millions of unique users look to Boston.com for breaking news, local content and information for New England."
  • Make sure all of your employees who are on LinkedIn follow your page.
  • Promote all of your products and services on your page, so users, prospects, existing clients, etc. can see all that your company has to offer.
  • Keep your company's page relevant and updated, by posting frequently about your company's news, case studies, blogs, products, and services as well as industry trends, or other news related to your company's offerings. Also, be sure to pose questions to engage your audience.
  • Make sure you always keep your audience in mind. Learn about your LinkedIn audience, by checking out what they're posting to LinkedIn, what kinds of questions they're asking to their networks and what companies they work for. Analyze which of your posts receive the most engagement from your audience and build your LinkedIn marketing strategy based on those findings.

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