Friday, May 3, 2013

What the "Come Back" ad from jcpenney Teaches Us

If you haven't heard about the jcpenney "come back to see us" ad that's running nationally on TV as well as on YouTube and other social media, check it out here. As a synopsis, jcpenney saw a substantial decrease in sales last year, but they believe they can turn that trend around, by taking the advice of their former and existing customers, and selling merchandise they've said they want to buy at acceptable costs. They're listening to their customers.

I love this ad because it truly speaks to jcpenney's target audience from the music to the imagery to the final shot. But most importantly, I love this ad because it teaches all of us a lesson: listen to your customers. Before they made the decision to return to their roots, so to speak, they listened to their customers. In the ad, they take full responsibility for the decline in sales and relationships with customers, and promise to change. Now, since they've run the ad, they're listening to customers on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag JCPListens. They're not stopping now; they're going to continue to listen to their customers in order to turn business around.

It's so important to listen to your customers. We all must remember that they are who keep us in business. They are who we need to please. We must keep them in mind with every order place and with every product enhancement we wish to make. They are the core of making your business work, grow and prosper. So learn from jcpenney and listen to your customers all the time. They know best.


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