Monday, June 3, 2013

Marketing Tips for Startups

Written by: Kristin Chou

Here are a few marketing tips and tricks for startups!

Search Engine Marketing: The Internet will become a startups best friend. They can market their products and services at a low cost. The quickest way to see results is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is where you target your consumer market on a popular search engine. The emphasis should be on displaying quality advertisements and keywords to more effectively find consumers. Long tailed keywords are an alternative, which are at a lesser cost and are more targeted. AVOID entering a price bidding war in SEM when competitors have higher marketing budgets. The focus should be on content, which will eventually give your website a higher score and higher advertisement ranking for SEM.
      Spread Knowledge Online: Engage your audience, let them in on some how-to tutorials, recent industry trends, and other expertise about your products and/or services. The more you share the better! People will perceive your content as professional and the media will take notice, who could potentially interview your company for your opinion and expertise! Strong media exposure will build brand credibility and reputation quickly.

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      Social Media Exposure: The network of social media should never been disregarded. The power of influence is incredibly strong especially on social media platforms. No matter how large your marketing budget is, you may not end up seeing better results. The best way to navigate these waters is to go at a slow and steady pace, in order to allow for strong followers, who will become people who help spread your brand’s image online. In order to gain followers, the key is to be more likeable. Share your expertise and express your brand in a positive light, so that people will potentially give you their trust. 

      Customers First: Make sure to take a portion of your profit and invest it in customer experience!

      Storytelling: This is essential in creating that foundation of culture for your company. It can began in the form of a blog or out at a bar, instead of banner ads or pay-per-click placements.

           Leveraging the Market: Keep an eye on the market. Work in collaboration with our brands, so you can be on the lookout for opportunities that may help your brand. Share your expertise at major events organized by other established brands no matter what industry. Put your brand at an equal playing field as other brands, which will also boost your credibility swiftly.

     Direction:  Always start with the end goal in mind! 



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