Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips to Diversify your Content

 Written by: Kristin Chou

Content Marketing: Broad practice that involves the creation and sharing of content to attract and engage current and potential customers.

Having a variety of content formats is necessary, if you want to grab a wide audience that is interested in your products or services. Diversifying your content will help to bring in new business,  by providing quality content across various platforms to better target your audience.

Most people enjoy consuming content in a variety of different ways, so changing up your content style would help you to bring in and retain audience. For example you could include:

1. Website Content (Articles, blog posts, tools & resources)
2. Image Galleries (Flickr and other image hosting sites are a great way to convey your message)               
  • Create images that give people an inside peak to your company to inspire them, so that they share them socially and are accessible via search engines.
3. Audio Podcasts (Some people prefer to listen to content rather than read)
4. Online Video (60% of online video viewers are over the age of 35, and it is expected to grow, so this would be effective to gain a wider audience) 
  • Video formats include: Live action, screen casts and animated videos 
  • Create videos people love without a high production cost.
5. Micro-Blogging (Twitter can be used as a resource for your audience, which would increase your number of followers)
6. Case Studies (Showcase your products and services in a substantive method)

Whichever format you end up using, make sure you weigh in your resources and spend time to improve the quality of your content production. It is more effective to have one post done very well, as a opposed to several in multiple formats, which would show little result. A healthy marketing campaign is diverse, but it will still need a strong direction.

Start basic. Begin with a blog. Perhaps include some videos or product images on Pintrest/Tumblr. As long as you keep things natural, then your audience will not become overwhelmed.

Above all, focus on your expertise and use a variety of mediums to convey your message.

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