Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3 Easy Blogging Tips To Better Engage Your Audience

3 Easy Blogging Tips To Better Engage Your Audience 

I remember when I was younger listening to my uncle rant about his political blog. Given he is a Communications professional and very politically charged one can imagine the vigor in which he discussed his posts and the corresponding comments he received from readers. At the time, the early 2000s, I didn't really understand what a  blog was. Blogging hadn't become mainstream and so at the time it seemed irrelevant to me.

Lets fast forward a decade to now--- Blogging has become so streamlined that it seems like every tween, college student, business and grandmother considers themselves a blogger. The sheer quantity of digital content is enormous, and much of that content is trivial or spam. So the question now becomes how do you provide content on your blog that is relevant to your target audience? 

As we know, regularly maintaining a blog can bolster a company's online presence and help with SEO. But, simply filling your blog posts with keywords can violate Google's compliance laws and negate some of the most important benefits of blogging. We want our clients to view us as credible and trustworthy and in order to do so we must reach them with engaging content not just a jumble of keywords. Writing a forthcoming blog can be an effective and cost efficient way to do this. 

Let's look at three main components of writing an engaging blog: 

1.) Be passionate: Excitement and expertise understanding of a subject are transferable in writing so stick to what you know. Whatever it is that "lights you up" is what you should blog about because you will be viewed as credible. For example, I could write for hours about sightseeing in Boston because I love and know Boston. If I tried to write a post about something I am less excited and knowledgeable about like fishing, the style and information in the two posts will likely be very different. Simply put if you are a lighting company, write about lighting, don't try to capitalize on other industries you don't know about. Your readers will pick up on this and make a judgement on your credibility accordingly. 

2.) Put in the time: One of the great things about blogging is that it lets us push out searchable content quickly, however this can also be our own biggest vice. While it is more convenient for us to write a blog post quickly than it is to sit down and put hours of effort into it you have to think of a blog post as an extension  of your business. Just as you wouldn't rush an untimely client through a sales meeting or serve sub-par food to a diner at your restaurant, you don't want sloppy content on your blog. 

3.) Interconnect your social media: Let your blog act as a hub for all your social media to radiant. You can use your blog as a way to create the content that you tweet or post on facebook and expand upon your social presence. Tweet your content to people directly who may be interested and get them to engage with you. 

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  1. Maybe you should try to maintain an informal, conversational tone. It's the only thing my father said when he teach me about blogging. But thanks for your article.