Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mobile Is The Movement: Are You Missing Out?

Next time you're sitting in a waiting room or commuting on the subway, stop what you are doing for 1 minute and look around. I guarantee you will find most of your comrades face down, fingers tapping, engrossed in their mobile devices.

Mobile devices, be it cell phones, tablets, or gaming have changed the way we give and receive information and pass our time. There is no question that with 91% of adults carrying their mobile phones within arms reach 24/7 people are using mobile for tasks they previously wouldn't have been able to. In fact, Mashable reports that the audience for mobile apps alone reaches over 58 million users during primetime; more than the top three network TV spots.

Where there is space, there are ads... 

Mobile ads can be placed virtually anywhere. From online coupons linked to your store's website, to embedded within games, and even on google maps. This means that the teenager playing Candy Crush, the mom looking up how to cure a cold on Web MD, the commuter reading on his tablet, the woman shopping for new jeans, and the man in Albany looking for a pizza parlor all can see your ad, geo targeted and key word targeted specifically to them.

Mobile ads are also better designed for call to action than desktop ads. Since people are likely already using their smart phones, when they click on the ad they can automatically be connected to your phone number, download a coupon that they can use without printing, or have events put directly into their calendars. Considering 80% of consumers use smartphones to shop, and 95% of all text coupons (regardless of industry) are opened within the first 5 minutes of being sent, if you aren't taking advantage of mobile you are missing out!

Take a look at this infographic from social media today for more mobile ad stats

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