Wednesday, September 25, 2013

8 Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

For some time now, Twitter has been taking on Facebook as the most popular form of social media. While it’s not quite the leader yet, Twitter is undeniably the site to visit for the most current news and trending stories. Its popularity tied with its purpose of sharing simple messages makes it a great platform to connect with customers. 

Here Are a Few Tips to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

1.Use hashtags, but no more than 3 to a tweet - bonus points if one of the hashtags are already trending!

2.You have 140 characters – keep your message simple, meaningful, and fun.

3.Start trending a specific hashtag for a contest your business is hosting.

4.Retweet fellow businesses with relevant information to your product – this will sometimes prompt them to retweet you!

5.Join the Twitter directories for businesses and other relevant groups.

6.Retweet your current followers and loyal customers, especially when it comes to customer service.

7.Ask questions to engage followers and start discussions.

8.Promote your Twitter everywhere you can - including email signature lines and the business Facebook page!

Remember to tweet several times a day, even on the weekends! Doing this will increase your presence on Twitter and will be the most helpful in gaining followers.

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