Wednesday, September 11, 2013

E-Marketing In the New Gmail: 3 Ways To Stand Out

A few weeks ago, Google launched a new format for Gmail that separates the type of email you receive into three marked tabs: primary, social, and promotions. While users are now able to enjoy a less cluttered Gmail, the promotions tab makes email promotions less visible to the consumer – a problem all businesses, big and small, have to face. While we wait on the numbers deeming the success or failure of this new tool, let’s talk about a couple ways to help your business stand out from the others under the promotions tab!

1.) Unique Subject Line: It’s always important when sending out an email campaign to do your best to stand out. However, with the new format you need to try twice as hard – your emails will be directly competing with other businesses for the reader’s attention. Almost every promotion in my inbox right now consists of a “Summer Sale” or a “Fall Preview”, so try something different! Include a “How to” or a contest subject line that will draw the attention of the reader.

2.) Timing: We all get inundated with emails throughout the day, but there are times when we are more likely than others to open promotional emails. Try to schedule email launch times for optimal engagement with your clients. Best time include between 7-9 AM (to open during the morning commute) between 12-2 PM (to be opened during lunch) and between 5-10 PM when people are home from work. 

3.) Become a "Primary": You can also encourage your subscribers to mark emails from your business as primary, which can easily be done by moving one email they receive from you into the primary tab. All future emails sent by you would then be received in their primary tab folder, away from other promotions and competition. 

We can look at this change positively too. Now, readers will only be checking promotions when they’re ready to see them and then you have a more engaged reader. So stand out and get their attention!


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