Friday, September 6, 2013

Facebook for Businesses- A Quick Guide for SMBs

With over one billion users on the site, Facebook continues to be the most popular form of social media. Considering the depth of the audience you can reach, it is very surprising to find that many small businesses do not utilize the various tools that Facebook offers – especially because use of the site is free!

As a small business owner, how can Facebook be valuable to you?

For starters, if you do Facebook right then the price means you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The site is a relatively customizable and easy to use platform for you to interact directly with customers and create greater brand awareness. You can share promotions, videos, blog posts and more from your business to your audience through posts, and may even go as far as generating discussions to engage users. It is a useful and easy way to distribute content to a wider audience.

If you are hesitant to start a page because you are unfamiliar with the social media site, then don’t worry! Facebook has recently launched a more business friendly “Help” center in order to encourage less social media savvy businesses to join the site. Facebook also provides advice for marketing on the site with tips on how to build brand awareness, advertise, and other feedback on how well your posts are received which is useful for even the more experienced users.

Facebook is also a great way to get free endorsements. Interested users can “Like” your page and posts, post positive interactions, or tag the location of your business. If a customer writes a negative comment or has a question, Facebook allows the opportunity to respond directly, saving face and educating your client.

Finally, if you are a small business looking for targeted leads, Facebook is a great resource. You can see who is interested in your brand through their interactions with your page, as well as users who are engaging online with your competitors. It is also a great way to keep tabs on what related businesses are up to, as well as join groups of interest for your business to network and make new contacts within. Overall, Facebook is a great tool for businesses to take advantage of and if you don’t have one yet then I encourage you to get started!

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