Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Window Into Your Business: Marketing With Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform based on sharing photos in real-time.  It has been largely accepted for personal use, but only 123 of all Fortune 500 companies have Instagram accounts. This opens up a perfect opportunity for your business to get ahead of the game and tap into Instagram’s photo sharing as a marketing strategy.  We’ve put together three tips to help you succeed.

1.       Be Personal. Instagram provides a window into your business. Show behind the scenes photos of putting an event together, employees on the job, or sneak peeks of a new product. Try to mix it up a bit to keep your content fresh!
2.       Use Hashtags. Much like Twitter, Instagram has the ability to participate in a thread through the use of hashtags. Use different ones that are relate to your business but are trending to get yourself on to popular threads. Better yet, if you have a specific hashtag you use on twitter try to use the same one on Instagram for branding.

3.       Launch a Competition.  Everyone loves being a winner, and setting up photos contests on Instagram is a great way to get engagement while promoting your brand. Companies like Mercedes-Benz and Walgreens have done a great job utilizing Instagram  to get customers reaching out though Instagram to win various promotions.

Check out the Instagram For Business Blog for more ideas!

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