Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Facebook's Free Analytics Tool Is Too Easy Not To Take Advantage Of!

While the number of Facebook “likes” your business has is a good indication of how popular your brand is, it doesn’t always mean your message is reaching these people effectively through this platform. The better indication of how well you are using Facebook is through how engaged your audience is – how many users shared your post through their personal account? Or clicked through to a link? These are just some of the aspects of Facebook you should be watching to judge how well your audience is reacting to the content you post.

Thankfully, there is a Facebook tool named “Facebook Insights” to help make it easier for businesses to measure data from interactions they have with fans on the site. For example, Facebook Insights can help you keep track of how many active users you have as well as where they may be coming from. They even provide an overview graph that includes total likes, friends of fans, people talking about you, total weekly reach, and the dates that you’ve posted. Other helpful data that can help you include: 
  •  Number of people who check into or recommend your business through Facebook
  • Mentions or tags in posts and photos
  •  Likes and comments on your posts
  •  Number of times users share your posts to their friends
  •  Number of people who may have seen the content from your user page versus the engaged users who actually clicked through links
  •  How many people visit your page on each day

Overall, the Insights tool is a great way to keep tabs on how interested your Facebook fans actually are in your business. The number of “likes” your business has becomes less relevant if none of your fans are engaging with the content you post. Take a look at the Facebook Insights page to find out more about what it can do for you – it’s free to use, so why not? 

Check out the link to Facebook Insights help page here:


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